MakiBox A6 Known Issues and Solutions

As I have a lot of time to read the forums and try to get grasp on what the overall build quality and what kind of problems are out there for the current MakiBox A6 I’m going to try to make a list of major and minor problems in the design and solutions for these. I’m only going to write about the major problems.

Now, I would like to point out that I still don’t have this machine around, so what I write here is basically what I can find on the forums and try to piece together the solutions others have pointed out.



  • Issue: The original “Zen” drive seem to have issues with the idler wheel prone to cracking and lack of tension adjustment.
  • Solution: User “jbarnhardt” on the MakiBox forum and Thingiverse has made a new drive called “FroZen” that will fit perfectly into the machine without any modification.

Hot End:

  • Issue: Several reports on the forum from users with hot ends no longer heating up.
  • Solution: Contact support and get it replaced.


USB Port Snaps Off:


Motor couplings:

  • Issue: Several users on the forum have the problem with the couplings slipping.
  • Solution: Replacing the couplings with better ones would be great, but finding a coupling with 5mm/8mm and with an outer diameter of maximum 15mm is impossible. You could however make one yourself if you have access to a machine shop.
    • Other solution 1: Glue the part in place.
    • Other solution 2: Drill through the coupling and putting in a pin to keep it in place.


Recap of todays activities

Well, after I got home from work today I ended up surfing the net for 3D printers… Aaaand ended up ordering a MakiBox kit that I need to assemble myself. They had a really good site with detailed building instructions and lots of videos describing the procedure. So I feel confident putting it together whenever I get it.

They currently have a 6-10 week lead time plus shipping time so I won’t get it any time soon.

In the mean time I can get more into learning the RaySupreme 3D program I purchased on Steam not long ago, I just hope they fix the reference image problem soon. I’m thinking of using it to create models for the 3D printer as it uses a really nice system of creating objects.