My plan so far…

Tomorrow it will be 10 days since I ordered the MakiBox A6 3D printer and it’s a long way from completion. I would assume 2 months at least, but hope that their output keeps rising and their shipping arrangement works good. According to their blog posts on their site they have a weekly output of 300 kits. But their shipped counter at the time I’m writing this post is at 736 shipped units. And they have been shipping since autumn last year.

Update 17.02.14: According to an answered question on their Facebook page they are scheduling to have all existing orders out before the end of March. Some people are still having doubts about this but Jonathan Buford reassures that the shipped counter will show an increase the next coming days. Here’s the source of the discussion.

This could be because of their shipping arrangements, if I’m not mistaken they ship in bulks to different regions before each single kit goes out to the customers. The counter doesn’t count before each kit has got a tracking id number, and that only happens on the last stage. So the counter may suddenly increase a lot. At least I hope so. 🙂

maki_cylonIn the meantime I’m getting the hang of SketchUp, and planning other stuff to do when I get my MakiBox. The plan is to make a lot of time-lapse videos for YouTube and I might do some live-streams on Twitch if there’s an audience for that. I haven’t found any 3D printing live stream on there yet. Might have a look at some other sites also. I have a Synology NAS that I can use to record long videos with using the Surveillance system and an IP camera. It has a couple of terabytes with available space, so I should be able to record pretty long prints with it. I don’t know how much space one hour of video on the best quality settings take yet as I’m currently waiting for an IP camera. It will be here shortly.


And I’m really happy with this theme by the way. It’s really nice and I hope to tweak it a little bit more, but I’m a bit lacking on content on the site right now. There will be a 3D printing page whenever I get some things sorted and can start writing about that.