Daily Archives: 28/06/2014

3D printer update 4

SolderingIt’s been a while since I posted any update at all, but here’s whats going on with the┬áCube 3D printer.

I got in contact with the creator of the Cube3DFree device, and he basically told me how to do it, and that it was described in the manual. So note to self: RTFM! So the time goes by with other stuff to do, but I finally dig out my soldering set and knowing how bad I am at soldering I was not looking forward to attach that little chip to the board. I have a quick look on YouTube to see if I could get some tips on soldering. And I did, YouTube is the best place to learn stuff.

Soldering that little chip was much easier than I expected, and the machine now though it actually had a cartridge attached. Haha, progress! Next thing I had to do load the new filament, which went easy enough. Now there’s the test print with the new external loaded filament.

Printed a 20mm test cube again, no problems at all. Printer works fine using the external filament.