Daily Archives: 06/05/2014

Cube 3D printer

Cube 3D PrinterA couple of months ago I came across a 3D printer for sale on a local buy/sell group on Facebook. The 3D printer in question was a Cube 3D Generation 2 printer, and the owner of it stated that it didn’t print and he had no clue what was wrong with it. I asked him a couple of questions and he confirmed that it did work earlier and that it still worked to the degree that it could extrude and move all axis. He was selling this printer dirt cheap so I told him I was interested and would visit him a couple of days later to check it out and most likely buy it.

So a couple of days later I got into my car and 2 hours later I met the guy, I asked him if he could show me some prints he had made before he started having problems with it but he then said that he had really never gotten any prints out of it. I then asked him when he bought the printer where he answered that he had bought it just a couple of months ago.

At this point I feel really comfortable on buying the machine. The price for it new is $1399 USD plus shipping, and I bought it for roughly 1/7 of that price. So I hand him the money and I drive home again with the printerĀ in the backseat.

When I get home I start installing the program, find a test cube stl file which I then make a build file from, dump it on a flash drive. Put the flash drive into the printer and turned it on. Checked the bed leveling which was spot on already, adjusted the height and then pressed print. The printer worked flawlessly.

So I ended up buying a perfectly working printer for a really cheap price, only down side with that printer is that the manufacturer uses chipped filament cartridges. Thankfully there is a way to bypass that, and it’s called “Cube 3D Free”. Now since I did save a lot of money buying the printer I have no problem spending a little more on the bypass device, so I ordered one.

I get the device in the mail and start fiddling with the machine, turns out the device is a little bigger than the cartridge slot. I file of the edges to make it fit, but right now I’m kinda stuck where I get the device into the slot and I’m pretty sure it has connection with the cartridge pins. So it should work, but the machine still insists “Cartridge not found”.

And there’s where everything stands at the moment. I’ve tried out things myself, but now I need to wait for the creator of the Cube 3D Free device to help me out.