Micro patch for World of Tanks

After I got home from work today I started up WoT and the micro patch installed itself and on with the gaming, or so I thought.

I started a game in my 1390, aaand the packet loss indicator was mostly red with a unhealthy ping of about 200-400. Damn impossible to control the tank when it’s like that. I had to drive a bit forward, then wait for the game to update the position, then try to turn and then again wait for it to update so I could see where I was and what direction I was pointing. Needless to say, it all turned to shit and I couldn’t do crap.

Seem I’m not the only one and that the problem is mostly for us Scandinavians, GG WarGaming!

Star Citizen

I’ve been funding this game for some time now, and I’m really looking forward to its arrival. Release date is still a long way ahead, but the basic idea and all the information that’s been released is quite stunning. If you have played Freelancer you will definitely like this game.

This game by Chris Roberts was a kickstarter project which succeeded and went over to crowd funding. Right now they have gathered over 38 million USD.